24K Gold Spa Package 2

£250.00 3 hours 30 minutes

  • 60 min 24K Gold face treatment
  • 90 min 24K Golden Aurora massage
  • 60min Halotherapy

24K Gold Spa Package 2

“Golden Rejuvenation Retreat”

Immerse yourself in luxury and beauty with our Golden Renewal Ritual, designed to revive your skin and soul. This exclusive package includes a 60-minute 24K Gold Face Treatment, a 90-minute 24K Golden Aurora Massage, and a 60-minute Halotherapy session. Experience a spectacular transformation inside and out during this exceptional ritual.

Begin your renewal journey with a 60-minute 24K Gold Face Treatment. Our experienced aestheticians will immerse your skin in luxurious ingredients that help reduce signs of aging, restore its radiance, and leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Next, indulge in a 90-minute 24K Golden Aurora Massage, enveloping you in luxury and relaxation. Our skilled therapists will use gentle, golden oils to release tension, soothe stress, and restore harmony to your body and mind. Feel each touch deeply relax and invigorate, leaving you in a state of pure bliss.

To conclude, surrender to a 60-minute Halotherapy session to free your lungs and skin from toxins, enveloping yourself in the healing properties of salt. Breathe deeply as micronized salt particles cleanse your lungs, improve skin health, and enhance overall well-being, leaving you renewed and relaxed.

The Golden Renewal Ritual is the perfect way to disconnect from the everyday hustle and immerse yourself in luxury and relaxation. Open yourself to experiences that will transform your body and mind, leaving you with a sense of beauty, peace, and inner radiance.


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