Salt caves

Spa Package 8

The detoxifying effects of breathing in salt-rich air can reduce symptoms of various respiratory illnesses and skin conditions, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the signs of aging. When salt therapy is practised on a regular basis, it can help improve our well-being and quality of life. In addition to the salt items in the room, there is a “halogenerator’ machine pumping atomized salt particles into the air, which you breathe in. But what does that actually do?

Dr. Alex Eingorn, a New York-based chiropractor and 9/11 first responder, who has used halotherapy himself. According to Eingorn, halotherapy works in two parts. First, the Himalayan salt rocks emit negative ions. As he explains it, injured and diseased cells are electron-deficient, so submitting the body to an electron-rich environment benefits and heals cells by absorption. Second, salt in its microcrystalline form has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects on the epithelial cells (one of the body’s most important for protection and secretion). The salt helps your cells consolidate inflammation and mucus, so your body can get rid of it. Eingorn said he has seen people with asthma, bronchitis, allergies, cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, and general skin inflammation show major improvement after treatments. There is even some evidence that suggests halotherapy can improve the immune, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems
Halotherapy is particularly popular with marathon runners and other athletes who use it to naturally enhance their lung capacity. 

Single adult session £45

(Add extra people)

Read a book, listen to music, relax, browse your smartphone or even take a nap. Whatever you decide, you will be reaping benefits throughout your session as the salt particles penetrate deep within your respiratory system and become absorbed in your skin.

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Child 0-2 free

Salt therapy is natural therapy that is safe for children of all ages. It is gentle on even the smallest premature lungs to help clear congestion and promote a good night's sleep.
We have many age appropriate toys and books to keep your children entertained some find the experience so relaxing they have been known to take a nap.

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Parent Child 3-12 £55

Children of all ages can enjoy This treatment, the younger children like to dig and play in the salt as they would with sand at the beach or play with the toys and the older children like to bring there favourite book to read or play there games or catch up with social media in there phones or simply relax and chat with there family or friends 

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Family of four £65

(children up to 18 years old session)

A lovely way to spend a relaxing healthy time for all the family you can bring your books, toys and games and have time designated for togetherness a family occasion that create memories that last a lifetime Part of the true magic comes into play when family members can walk away with unique, lasting memories from the moments they experienced together.

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Himalaya salt cave

5x60 minute halotherapy for single adult £200

Skin condition
For best results it’s best to wear shorts and t shirt to allow more skin to be exposed this allows the salt steam solution to help skin conditions quicker

Lung or body condition
Simply sit in the chair with your favourite book ,magazine or even your phone then breathe in the salt steam solution and relax for your 60 minutes knowing a purely natural treatment is helping you

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Himalaya salt cave

10 x 60 minute halotherapy sessions for single adult £400

Bring a friend to your 1st session for free

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Salt Cave Group Session £270

(session for 6 people)

Gather your friends and breathe in wellness with our Salt Cave Group Session in September. Enjoy the natural benefits of salt therapy while sharing laughter and relaxation in a cozy salt cave environment.

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