Design and construction of graduation towers, salt caves and import of Himalayan salt

We specialize in the design and construction of graduation towers and salt caves using all known production techniques. We also make internal brine graduation towers in unusual forms used e.g. in the natural caves we create. They can take the form of cascades, waterfalls,  as well as brine fountains. We also import Himalayan salt, which takes on a pinkish color and contains additional minerals and elements that ordinary table salt does not contain.

Salt caves

The construction of natural salt caves and specialized rooms for salt inhalation is the main area of our activity. This is a proven way to improve health using the healing effect of salt, used in boarding houses, hotels, swimming pools and, increasingly, in single-family homes

Internal brine graduation towers

We build graduation towers, both free-standing and built-in. Our specialty are internal graduation towers built using only natural materials and high-class salt aerosol generators, responsible for the unique micro-climate in the vicinity of the gradient room

Salt caves – construction and design

Salt caves are rooms made of salt, which can be created using various techniques. We have experience in building each of them. We design and manufacture caves from bricks, solids, slabs or salt crumbs. In addition, as one of the few companies dealing with the construction of places for inhalation with brine, we sell retail and wholesale materials for the construction of salt caves and caves.

Why is it worth taking advantage of sessions in the salt cave

Thanks to the special micro-climate inside rooms saturated with iodine, it brings many health benefits, including:

  • stimulates the immune system to work,
  • brings relief in breathing in case of upper respiratory tract infections,
  • cleanses the body of accumulated toxins,
  • brings a feeling of freshness and satisfaction,
  • increases the ability to concentrate,
  • delays the aging process, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

Internal brine graduation towers

Using the latest technology, we build natural caves and specialized halotherapy rooms using rock blocks, bricks, salt slabs and other salt building materials available in our offer.

Sessions in a grotto or inhalation room made of Himalayan salt bricks help cleanse the body of toxins, bring relief to tired joints and muscles, increase the body’s immunity, and accelerate the resolution of upper respiratory tract infections.

Internal brine graduation towers

Internal brine graduation towers , which we produce from scratch, are made using natural materials. Thanks to them, we can once again enjoy the fresh air in our own home, whether while doing housework, reading a book, watching TV, playing or sleeping. Breathing clean air, free not only from allergens, but above all from dust, fumes and smoke, is a privilege that we cannot afford when living in the city or in its immediate vicinity.

The solution and salvation for improving the quality of health and increasing the body’s immunity is the use of inhalation, body cleansing with the help of, for example, internal brine graduation towers. Today, they are not only used to produce edible salt. This is one of the effective methods of improving living conditions. More and more often it is found not only in such obvious places as sanatoriums or health resorts, but above all in the privacy of your own home or apartment – an element of ordinary equipment, such as an armchair, coffee table or bedside table.

Advantages of having a graduation tower at home

The design of the gradient rooms we make allows people staying in the area of their operation, allows them to inhale iodine and such micro- and macro-elements as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, bromine, strontium. Iodine – as a reminder, it is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. This, in turn, is responsible for metabolism, i.e. protein synthesis, fat and carbohydrate burning, as well as the processes of converting nutrients into energy. Iodine is responsible for concentration and has a calming effect, and in the case of children ensures proper growth and intellectual development, appropriate physical development during puberty in adolescents.

Pictures of salt caves and graduation towers

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of selected projects with our implementations of halotherapy places, which we make for both individual clients and companies: sanatoriums, hotels, guesthouses or health resorts and SPA & WELLNESS zones