Salt therapy treatments and best relaxation ever for children and adults

First visit £10

Salt therapy involves breathing in salty air.You can experience this natural treatment in spa in dry salt -steam room or salt cave where the steam is infused with salt. Himalayan salt emits negative ions that are absorbed by your body when you inhale them.Salt has antibacterial, anti- inflammatory  and anti-fungal properties that can fight germs.

Single inhalation session £35 per person

Halotherapy sessions at the Himalaya Salt Cave are 60 minutes long.Take a book and read or rest while relaxing music playing in the background.

Children (0- 2 )Free

Child (2-12 years old) session £15 per person.

Children are more prone to breathing problems because their respiratory system is not fully developed before the age of 9.Large particles of pollution can reach their lungs because their bodies have difficulty filtering them out.

Salt therapy 100% drug free and non invasive. Whether your child is suffering from allergies,an ear infection, frequent colds, or asthma, salt therapy helps reduce inflammation, open clogged passageways, loosen up mucous, kill germs and bacteria.In addition it will boost your child’s immune system. Children don’t even realise that they are receiving a therapeutic treatment as they are passively inhaling micro-salt particles as they play in a play area. Sessions will be offered individually “play dates” or group sessions. 

Family inhalation session £70

Best way for whole family for some quality relaxation time where you can chat or read a book whilst your young children can play and have fun, you won’t even realise the benefits this healthy atmosphere has on your bodies helping with many ailments like asthma, breathing conditions and skin conditions.

Salt Cave BANBURY 60+

5 inhalation sessions £150

Save money when you book a block of 5 inhalation sessions that way you can really relax whilst your breathing in the healthy atmosphere.

10 inhalation sessions £275

Book a block of 10 sessions in the magnificent salt cave not only are you saving money while having fun but you take a free salt lamp home with you.

Salt Cave benefits

  • Improved lung capacity 
  • Reduced respiratory allergies 
  • Detoxification of your bodily systems
  • Helps reduce germs 
  • Decreases severity of chronic respiratory illnesses including asthma, emphysema,bronchitis 
  • Reduces chest congestion,cough,sore throat,sinusitis 
  • Decreases depression 
  • Improves sleep 
  • helps skin conditions: psoriasis, eczema, rash 

What should I wear?

Regular comfortable clothes; attire which would be appropriate for a public place.It is a breathing treatment.Also, you cannot wear shoes in our Salt Cave.We provide shoe/foot covers.

How often should you come?

10-15 sessions are recommended for long term results. The sessions should be frequent: about two or three a week is suggested.