Medi-SPA Treatments


Commonly known as ‘laser hair removal’ –PULSAR IPL and laser treatments share similarities in that they offer a long term permanent solution to unwanted facial and body hair.  They both use heat and light to destroy the hair follicle however lasers will use a single focused wavelength of light whereas an IPL uses a broad spectrum of pulsed light.

The FDA approved procedure works by targeting the hair follicle with laser light. This energy damages and goes on to destroy the hair follicle, which should stop the follicle from producing further hairs. The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle whilst the surrounding tissue remains unaffected.

Treatment times can vary from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the treatment area,only hairs in the growth phase can be treated, therefore multiple treatments are needed every 4-12 weeks dependant on the treatment area. The required number of sessions vary but typically 6 or more treatments are needed for optimum results.

Clinical studies have proved that for 3.7 sessions you will achieve between 75% and 85% permanent hair reduction. The dead follicles will not regenerate


Facial Rejuvenation is the process of removing sun damage, stimulating new cell growth and increasing collagen production.

In addition to improving uneven skin color, sun damage, facial redness, enlarged pores and pigmentation, the heat energy stimulates new collagen production beneath the skin surface, firming and rejuvenating the skin. After a course of 6 laser IPL treatments at intervals spaced 4 weeks apart the skin will appear more luminous, brighter and smoother. Improvements can be seen following the first treatment and enhanced results can be seen with each subsequent treatment. The results continue to improve long after the treatment, as IPL stimulates your own natural collagen to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.

Facial Thread Veins Himalaya salt cave

Facial Thread Veins

IPL thread vein removal works by directing an intense beam of light directly at the thread veins which causes the blood inside them to coagulate (dry and then harden). These dried out blood vessels are then absorbed naturally by the body so they will no longer be visible. IPL thread vein removal is especially effective at specifically only damaging the actual thread veins rather than the surrounding tissues, meaning little damage is caused to the surrounding skin. This is an advantage over laser thread vein removal and for this reason it can be used to treat larger thread veins than the laser can.

Typically 4-6 sessions are required at monthly intervals.


This treatment is great for treating pigmentation caused by sun damage, age spots or freckles.

Inconsistency in melanocytes will give patches of pigmentation that are darker to the ambient skin. These patches of pigment can be treated without affecting the ambient skin colour.

The light is absorbed in to these patches and the melanocytes are caused to shatter, they break up and dissipate over a period of time. This is suitable for face and also age spots on the hands.


Rosacea is a chronic condition, and Pulsar ipl laser treatment is an excellent aid to reduce and relieve effects. The treatment is quick and relatively pain free, your therapist will advise you of after care to help maintain your results. Typically you need 2 – 4 sessions to reduce the redness and you may have to maintain the reduction at intervals as the rosacea is an underlying condition.

However if you work out your own personal triggers these maintenance sessions may not be needed or the results can be prolonged. In research notes it appears that this condition lasts between 8 – 13 years.

Acne scaring

Marks left by acne can make you feel self conscious, our treatment can greatly reduce the discolourations u a gentle non-invasive manner. This treatment is often recommenned in conjuction with microdermabrasion and led light therapy for superior results.

IPL Pulsar Hair Removal


Upper lip










Bikini line


Brazilian bikini


Hollywood bikini






Upper lip and chin
















Lower back




Full arms


Half arms


Full legs


Half legs


Full back


Full thorax


Skin Photo- Rejuvenation


Face and neck


Acne inflammation


Pigmentation reduction


Thread veins removal

£45 – £60

Stretch marks

£35 – £60



Treatments packages


Full legs 6 treatments


Half legs 6 treatments


Full back 6 treatments


Photon Led Light Therapy

LED Skin Rejuvenation is the interaction of light, delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), to activate cell receptors causing them to produce collagen or multiply. One of the original applications for LEDs was PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT), using photo-activated creams for the treatment of actinic keratosis and pre-cancerous lesions. LED light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that causes a natural reaction and likened to the photosynthesis of a plant, triggering the body to convert light energy to cell energy. The treatments are quick and painless with no downtime It has been proven in the field of healing and rejuvenating, anti-aging, wound care, pain relief, and much more. It is a 100% natural therapy with zero side effects. The different colour lights generated by LED light therapy are designed to target specific clinical conditions.

Lights of PDT skin beauty and effects:

Red light 

Has characteristics of high purity strong light source,energy density well-proportioned, has notable effects in skin care, health care and cure, named as biologic active light.The red light can enhance the cells activity, promote cells metabolism, make skin excrete large number of collagen protein and fiber tissue to fill on their own, accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and improve withered and yellow, dark condition of skin. Then achieve the efficacy of anti-aging, anti-oxidation and repairing skin, has a effect that traditional skin care can not comparable. It is especially useful for people in sub healthy state, dry skin and allergic skin.What’s more, the nursing process is simple and convenient, comfortable, moderate and affective.

Main Effects:

Whitening and lighten spot, tendering skin and dispel crinkles, repair damaged skin, heal slender wrinkles, tighten pore and proliferate collagen protein.

Blue Light

Has the effects of restrain inflammation. Acne is mainly caused by acid bacillus; the blue-light can destruct these bacterial with no injury to skin tissue, decrease acne as much as possible, decrease and cure acne during inflammation period in very short time.

Purple Light

Red and blue light is the dual-band light, it combines both the effectiveness of light therapy, especially useful in treating and repairing acne and acne-scars.

Yellow Light

Supply energy for skin cells,promote gland effect, assist digestion, cure skin diseases and enhance immunity ability.

Green Light

Has the effects of neutralization, balancing and calming, it can ease strain, dredge lymph and useful in edema elimination.

Orange Light

Increase cells energy in proper sequence, it can accelerate metabolism effectively laser light penetrate deep layer of skin, accelerate active tissue’s metabolism, decompose splash, improve fine lines and flabby skin.


Led Light Therapy 1x 60 min


Led Light Therapy 6 x 60 min


Led Light Therapy Add – on 1 x 30 min


Add-on includes LED for 30 minutes and recommended for:

Microdermabrasion – immediately after to promote healing and for anti-aging benefits.

Microcurrent – use prior to, or following micro current for additional anti-aging benefits and improvement in skin conditions.

Microneedling – apply before or immediately after for additional anti-aging benefits, increase comfort levels and promote faster healing.

Facial Thread Veins Himalaya salt cave

Electrolysis -facial red vein removal


£35 – £60

Thermocoagulation is a precise pulse technology which removes thread veins quickly and effectively, treatment works by directing a low electrolysis current onto the surface of the skin where the red veins are present. The effect is to cauterise the blood vessel and remove it, simply by the application of heat. Thermolysis tends to produce the best results on the nose and cheek area.The process isn’t at all painful, and it only takes around half an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Your Electrologist will simply tap a slender needle along the affected area, causing a slight stinging sensation which is often described as being no more than a little uncomfortable. When your treatment is completed, your skin will be just a little lighter in tone and the redness of the Thread Veins will have entirely vanished, since the blood in the veins will have been reabsorbed into the body. You’ll probably also feel a slight warmth in the treated area, small crusts, resembling in tiny scratches, forming over the area in the 7 to 10 days after treatment. They will gradually disappear on their own.